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We are Gauteng's leading specialist in professional refilling of cushions for all types of furniture.

Is your couch breaking your back or just looking sad? If the fabric or leather is still in good condition your sofa cushion foam or filling probably just need replacing. It's an easy, quick and a cost effective way to breathe new life into your beloved sofa.


High density foam in sofa seat cushions typically have a 3 to 4-year lifespan. Because the foam gradually gets flat you often don't realize that the foam has lost it's structure and firmness. This is not only uncomfortable but also a cause of back pain. In the case of sagging back cushions - it can most often be fixed by simply adding extra filling to the cushion inners. This will ad volume and puff up those cushions like when the sofa was new.

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How do you know what type of foam is inside? Look at the shape of the cushion.

Solid foam is firm with a box shape while stuffed cushions are puffy and softer as illustrated below:

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