Cushions can basically be divided in 2 types:

  • Foam Cushions: mainly used for seat cushions and mattresses

  • Stuffed Cushions: puffy back cushions, scatter cushions and pillows. 

Although we can custom make cushions of any shape, size and combination of foam, we most typically make the following:

INDOOR Cushions

  • Lounge Furniture Seat Cushions: high density Foam.

  • Lounge Furniture Back Cushions: Stuffed with  ball-fibre / camforelle filling

  • Leather Sofas Seat Cushions: high density foam base with soft / puffy top

  • Leather Sofas Back Cushions: stuffed with ball-fibre & memory foam chips

  • Lounge Seat- & Back Cushions: shaped high density foam

  • Scatter Cushions / Throw Pillows

OUTDOOR Cushions

  • Patio Furniture Seat Cushions: high density foam or ball fiber filling.

  • Patio Furniture Back Cushions: medium density foam or ball-fibre filling.

  • Patio Dining Chair - Seat and Back Cushions

  • Lapa Bench Cushions

  • Pallet Furniture Cushions

  • Pool Lounger Cushions

  • Caravan - Bench Seat- & Back Cushions


  • ​Cot Mattress: Low density foam - soft with holes

  • Toddler Mattress: Medium Density Foam

  • Camp Mattress: Custom Size and Foam hardness 

  • Fold-up Mattress 

  • Caravan Mattress: high density foam - layered