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Replacing Couch Cushions

Replacing your sofa cushions can rejuvenate, change the comfort level and give it new life ..... without breaking the bank!

We replace foam and filling for any type of sofa or cushion
Sofa Cushion Foam Replacement

Simply changing your sofa cushions is functional, practical, cost-effective and decor-enhancing. The well-informed homeowner, armed with the knowledge of her requirements and possible solutions, will spend less time shopping and decrease the risk of making an incorrect buying decision.

Function Think about how you use the couch and how you would like to be able to clean the cushions. If the couch is in the family room and the children are small, you may decide that you need firm cushions that will withstand heavy usage, and that the covers must be washable. If the couch is in a sun room, the cushion covers should be sun-fade resistant. If the couch is in a formal room, the filler may be softer and perhaps have intricate trim.

Foam Foam is the most typical seat cushion filler, and is rated according to density and compression. Density refers to the weight of product per cubic decimeter and compression refers to the number of kilograms of pressure required to compress the foam by one quarter. A high-density, low compression foam will be heavy, soft to sit on, and should last several years. To ensure that you purchase a quality product, purchase foam from a retailer who is able to tell you the density and compression ratings. Unrated foam will not withstand daily household use.

Fabric Most upholstery fabric is not washable and it is often not dry-cleanable, making it unsuitable for cushions that must be cleaned. Check the label in the cushion cover, or ask the retailer for cleaning instructions. Cotton blend medium to heavy-weight drapery fabric is usually washable or dry-cleanable and lends itself well to cushion covers. The most common upholstery fabric is mix of polyester and cotton, usually suitable for machine washing.

Budget Consideration Replacing cushions on a sofa can be pricey but see in as an investment. It's always wise to establish a budget for the project based on the actual replacement value of a comparable sofa. Make sure you compare apples with apples though. Imported products from China is usually inferior in quality in all aspects - frame, cushions and fabric. Unless the current sofa is of high quality or has antique or sentimental value, replacing three or more seat cushions may be more of an expense than the value of the sofa warrants.

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